Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wine Country

I am not a big road course fan but this weeks race at Infineon reminds of a trip I made to Napa Valley. I have friends in the S.F. Bay area and on one trip out to visit them I borrowed their SUV and drove north into this beautiful valley. The town of Sonoma itself is way cool. I stopped there and walked the streets with awe of the architecture and cleanliness. I ate lunch at one of the finer diners and the food was delish. It's just a great place all around and would recommend the trip to anyone.

Ella Gordon has joined the world. Congrats to Jeff and Ingrid and this means we won't have to watch Mark Martin drive the #24!!

We do have some short track racing to watch with both the NCTS and NBS at The Milwaukee Mile.


Starla said...

All I can say is sometimes Tony does good at road courses so just maybe he might win one.

Starla said...

OH, also thanks for telling about Jeff Gordon's new baby.

vroom said...

FranceCar now attracts a vino crowd, so Sonoma should be fun!

TSRFan-John said...

Back in the day I was stationed in Petaluma. We used to make the trip over to Sonoma a couple times a year. Beautiful little town.

Thanks for the reminder that there's more there than just the racetrack.