Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Eldora Conehead

If you have digital cable and felt like paying extra for the PPV HBO broadcast of "The Prelude to the Dream" then you'd know it was worth every penny. You'd also know what the "Cone" image is all about. When a caution is thrown a track official, dressed in anything but white, walks a cone out to the center of the track and while under yellow the drivers must stay to the outside of this lonely cone. The clincher is when, the green is thrown the cone is dragged back to safety by a rope tied to it's base. I actually belly laughed at the sight of this. The whole affair was just plain fun and occasionally heartwarming. D.W. was given the honor to drive Benny Parson's Talladega Torino, an actual vintage race car, during the parade. That was just too cool!! The lineup of drivers was incredible and they all did it for free as did commentator's, Mike Joy, Dick Bergren and oh damn... I forget the other guys name. Kyle Petty along with D.W. and Mike Joy were in the booth and they did an awesome job.

As for the racing... it was incredibly fun to watch. During an early heat Ryan Newman got into Bill Elliot and Wild Bill ended up doing a flip and the car stayed on it's roof. About 20 guys, including Tony, who owns the track and promoted the whole thing, righted the car by hand and the Bill got out and did a little dance on the roof. They all laughed about it and he and Ryan were all smiles instead of angry at each other.

The final heat was won by Carl Edwards, but Rowdy [Shrub] almost took it and Jeffy boy was right there too. It was a great finish.

The Victory Junction Gang Camp truly benefited by this event. The children who are fortunate enough to go there are blessed.


vroom said...

I thought you were at the triangle?

MIKE said...

I have heard that it was pretty good. I opt'ed not to watch it. Now of course I am wishing that I did. Instead I had "chores/honey do" items to do!!

Glad you enjoyed it!!

Starla said...

I laughed at the cone story too.

It sounds like they all had a good night of just fun racing.