Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Red Skies At Night

I have to admit that my own sense of denial is a hindrance. I heard and read the rumors and I saw Jr. drive the #5 after Shrub ran off , yet I could not fathom the idea of him being part of the Hendrick Inn. I was stuck on JGR or Ginn or any team other than Hendrick. I received phone calls, text messages and emails today asking me "What is Jr. thinking?" I had no other answer than, he wants a championship. After some acceptance sunk in and looking at this through an open mind I now see the light! What better place for Dale than with Hendrick? Simple, because all he wants to do is win. And he will now have a better chance at beating Jeffy.

Now all the curiosity about the next things on the horizon. Will Jr. still where red? If not, will the stands be a sea of blue? But then we won't know who is who because there are several drivers with blue themes. Will it be the #5? Visa? Mastercard or American Express? Nike? And what will become of Kyle Busch? Tire changer!! Marty Jr. will become the new DEI, and that's awesome. Silly Season indeed!!


MIKE said...

Well said. For JR's sake (maybe not his fans) Henrick is the best place for him to go right now. I think he will have his best chance to win his championship there.

Personally, I hope he stays with BUD!! They are just a perfect match. Then it would just be a matter of changing the # on the merchandise and not changing all the merchandise. But I think the "sea of red" needs to stay!!

TSRFan-John said...

From big fish in little pond to little fish in big pond.

Jr is going to have to step it up in 2008 since he won't have the bad equipment excuse to fall back on.

Starla said...

I hate Jr. going to Hendrick.

Steve said...

Great move ..... can't wait to see Jr. running up front.