Friday, June 22, 2007

Shrub's Demise

Not many will admit to caring what will become of Kyle "Shrub" Busch, but I for one find it amusing. Jeff Owens of Fox Sports wrote a rather Silly article, Will Busch regret leaving Hendrick?. Silly because he seems to be defending Busch and stating that he would have become a Superstar had he stayed with Hendrick. First of all , Shrub was on thin ice at Hendrick to begin with and secondly, unless he has a complete makeover including plastic surgery and a brain transplant, a status of "Superstar" will never be in Shrub's bio. There are some funny comments left by readers.

I think it's awesome that Jr. has signed an endorsement deal with Sony Electronics. It's a far cry from Wrangler and the TV commercials should be cool. It's more mainstream and Jr. deserves to "upscale" his image a notch or two. It's apparent that this seems to go hand in hand with Hendrick.

I forgot to mention that on Father's Day I received a very nice gift from Pattyjo and the kids. It is the #01 Army diecast, Mark Martin's ride. It is the new Team Caliber which is now Checker Flag Sports. A bit more detailed than Motorsports Authentics.

Back at the Cottage... Today is the day that "Chase" arrives. Pattyjo and I are driving south into the Catskill Mt.'s later this morning to pick up the new addition to our family. She is a 9 week old Golden Retriever of the English/Belgian bloodline which is a much lighter color than the American breed. She will be with me on job sites a lot. I used to have a Yellow Lab that went to work with me daily, but she passed away some 9 years ago [stomach tumor] and I have not had a desire to replace her until this year. "Sable" the Lab, would climb step ladders!!


vroom said...

I appreciate your brutal honesty and truth about the shrub!

Junior is maturing and Sony will be a vivid hit for him.

I too got the #01 die-cast...

Enjoy your new's best friend!

Starla said...

Shrub, Superstar, LOL!

Cheyenne said...

Good luck with the new puppy. They are such a joy to have around.