Friday, June 8, 2007

On The Road

It seems I left a little confusion in my "A Girl Thing" post about being off to Pocono. Blogater sensation Vroom thought we were at the Triangle already from a comment he had left. Sorry G!! "We are headed for Pocono"... yes, but not until early tomorrow morning. It's only a little over four hours from here and we are unsure about what the track offers on Saturday night, although I'm getting on the horn today to find out. Someone told me there is an ARCA race. Anyway, we are officially on the road tomorrow morning and will be back sometime Monday afternoon. Hopefully my zoom lens will pick up some awesome photos and a non-Hendrick driver wins. Yesterday I picked up some really cool bleacher cushions for each of us. We have a "Victory Lane" store in town and Ted, the owner and friend of mine, has some great things in stock. The cushions are "driver" logo and color coordinated with a part that hangs down in front of the seat with zippers, pouches, etc. and a shoulder strap. Pattyjjo thought they were the coolest things ever...of course hers is very orange!! I got the #3. But I'm sure once the race starts the seat cushions will not be used much. I have a scanner and binoculars. Pocono does not offer the best views, but it's a track close to home... a tank of petro. Should be fun as we've never been there. Next year will be Dover.


MIKE said...

Hope you have a fun and safe weekend.

I will be rooting for a Ryan Newman win!!!!

vroom said...

Have a vroomin' time...go #29!