Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Girl Thing

We are headed for Pocono!! We've had the tickets for 6 months because my birthday is in January and the tickets were a gift from Pattyjo...albeit , she is also going, as is our 15 year old daughter and Queen Jimmy lover, Alyson. Funny thing happened last night... we were riding in the van and the subject of the "almost here" Golden Retriever pup came up and Alyson asked if she had a name yet. When I told her yes, her name is "Chase", Aly's response was "Why Chase?" I had to explain in detail what the Chase is and the fact that her "Cute" driver won it last year. She has no clue and really needs NASCAR 101. It's funny that so many of the young girls today flock towards the so called "Cute" drivers. I get a kick out of it. And I can't rule out Pattyjo's reason for being a diehard Smoke fan... "Bad Boy" image. But she can't stand the likes of Monty. Women?? I gave up trying to figure them out over 40 years ago growing up with many sisters and now I have a slew of daughters from 9 years old to 30 years old, but there are 2 boys in the mix! The awesome thing is... it's the reasons of "Cute" and "Bad Boy" that got me tickets to the Pocono 500...or maybe they did it just for me...who am I to question?!


MIKE said...

HAVE FUN!! I would love to go also. I hope your flag is covered with autographs when all is said and done.

I am trying to get to the Michigan race in August. Just won't work out for June's race. So we will see.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Mike said...

My wife likes Kasey Kahne for the cuteness factor. As long as it gives her a reason to pay attention to NASCAR, all the better. Enjoy the race.

vroom said...

I'd name that beagle "Vroom"...just kidding. Enjoy the triangle. I'm in beautiful Destin!

Starla said...

Hope you have fun. Cheer Tony on for me.

Hey what is wrong with Monty? I think he is cute.

4ever3 said...

have a great time!