Saturday, June 2, 2007

He Did It !!

It is, but Mikey finally got the lead out of his ass and qualified on time. He and DJ both!! "00" Rudy was left out the race... I watched him slap the wall... he was probably just as shocked by that as he was seeing his boss make a race.

Ryan is back to his old tricks. Two consecutive poles and the 40th of his career. This is not hard to believe and it's likely a pattern we'll see for the rest of the season. If he could just turn these poles into victories or even top 5 finishes they'd be on to something. It's like they've got the car tweaked for qualifying but on race day they fall back. He is one of my picks to win this thing, but I fear the inevitable.

Jr. did an awesome job sitting up front with Ryan and it's cool to see Bobby in the mix. The Dodges dominate again but it's a good blend of the 3... well I always forget about the Toyo's... Rosox has it's Fords up there and RCR's Jeff Burton's Chevy along with Jeffy Boy.

Kudos to Ron Hornaday for his NCTS AAA Insurance victory.


TSRFan said...

Good job by Mikey and crew. It's been really hard seeing him miss all those races. Let's hope he has a good day.

What happened to the Gibbs guys though? Denny 29th, Tony 30th, J.J. 32nd. At a place like Dover being that far back is just a disaster waiting to happen. It's so easy to get caught up in somebody else's wreck.

MIKE said...

CONGRATS TO MIKEY!!! I was excited to hear he qualified. I have kinda been pullin' for him.

AND NEWMAN - 2 in a row. Lets hope the engine stays together this week.

Cheyenne said...

When I opened your blog and saw that picture I almost spit all over my screen. That is hilarious!