Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Once a Moron....

What an embarrassment for Roger Penske. I was just beginning to think Kurt Busch was finally on the verge of becoming a solid driver with that boyhood stuff behind him but, his guided missile antics on pit road yesterday sealed the deal. He is and always will be a moron!!

The Penske Org. is a top gun in the racing world with the likes of Sam Hornish Jr. and Helio Castroneves in the Indycar Series and one of my favorite drivers, Ryan Newman. These guys define Penske and yes they all have their moments and tempers do flare, but there is something in the Busch family genealogy, or maybe it's the Las Vegas water, that makes both Busch boys morons.

I hope that Mike Helton and Co. slam him against the wall and strip him of his Deputy Sheriff stripes, impound the #2 for forensics and place him on indefinite suspension and probation. As for Mr. Penske... I'm sure he is in deep thought on what the future holds for that Miller Lite Dodge.

On a good note for Penske... Ryan finally brought in an awesome race with a great 2nd place finish. Never once falling below 8th. The in car video of him showed his presence on the wheel, an image I will not forget.
Congratulations to Martin Truex Jr. on his first Cup victory. I like Marty a lot and he will keep DEI on the charts.

Rest in Peace Mr. Bill France Jr. and know that Brian can never fill your shoes, but he will carry on the legacy.


vroom said...

This will define Ears for a long time to come!

rural01 said...

I agree completely, although I have to add that I doubt Smoke is completely innocent.

I have seen him do some pretty boneheaded things as well. I too am a Ryan Newman fan and recall all too well the times Tony rammed his car into Ryan several times in a fit of 'whatever you want to call it."

On the other hand, I don't want to see NASCAR officials act like out of control, ego-maniacal bad cops, everytime a driver turns the wheel. Perhaps they should let these jerks fight it out off the track so as to not hurt anyone else.

In this case no one did get hurt, so perhaps the 20 team should hit him where it really hurts -- in the pocketbook. Sue him. If and when he loses, then NASCAR can and should act.

TSRFan said...

It was good to see Ryan finally have a good run.

How about Mikey - finished 28th only 5 laps down. He moved up 2 spots in the points to 55th and is only 2007 points behind the leader.

Charlie Turner said...

I'm trying to think of a precedent for Ear's act. I haven't come up with one yet. If fooling with a wing is worth the 100G/100G/5race penalty, what's near manslaughter worth?

Steve said...

I agree Kurt Busch is a moron.

Nice to Martin Truex Jr first win!