Monday, June 18, 2007

DEI's Number One

Martin Truex is really stepping up his game. He made it clear during a TNT interview yesterday that he is happy for Dale Jr. but it's taken him [Truex] out of the shadow and into the limelight. Dale's decision to leave DEI has given this kid from Jersey the helm and ironically it was Dale that put Marty in a car to begin with. It was a nice Father's Day story about Martin Truex Sr.'s days as a racing hobbyist, running a family fishing business, that is known as a very hard and dangerous job, but he found time to race in the Eastern Busch Series. Martin Jr. figured out at an early age that he better learn something different because he did not want to be a fisherman all of his life so he placed himself in the garage on his spare time and dad let him race. He was seen and discovered by Dale Jr. and the rest just unfolded into a very talented Cup driver. He does have some big shoes to fill at DEI but he seems very confident and sure of his "own" identity.

Kudos to Cousin Carl!! Great job!!

NASCAR is turning up the heat against AT&T. This story will only linger for months to come...geesh!! They're only cell phones!!

Back at the Cottage... Schools out, which makes my early mornings very peaceful because as most do, our teenagers sleep well into the afternoon. Alyson has a job at our local Six Flags, but so far it's only weekends and as for Adam... he'll be 17 in 3 weeks and working is not a priority. I'm on him about it but it's a losing battle. I thought about putting him to work myself but that would only cost me more than if he just stays home and eats pizza and wings all summer. The good thing is... he is not a partier, we don't find strange girls in our house at all hours of the morning and he is a tournament paintballer, which keeps him busy. If we could just get them both to keep the house cleaner!!
(AP Photo/Bob Brodbeck)

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vroom said...

Truex is a favorite of mine...he's a cool cat.

You are so right...they are just celly fones!!!