Friday, August 31, 2007

Joe's No Fool

Future pace car??
Joe Gibbs is a very wise fellow. His [possible] decision to go with Toyota next season carries with it many facets, one being the development of the new R07 engine, and the there's Chevrolet's dominance, proven performance, etc. etc. Perhaps he has a crystal ball, because this has to be a hard choice to step away from Chevy and GM. I have faith in TRD, I mean look at their dominance in the Truck Series. The future very well could be Toyota taking the lead.
Smoke has the biggest transition. He has a very big relationship with GM outside of NASCAR, but something tells me things will all come together.
Joe Gibbs Racing to host fanfest ... check this out. What a great way to help.


vroom said...

First car I bought was a Toyota...'84 Corolla. It's a world economy we now live in. Let's embrace it, oh what a feeling!

TSRFan--John said...

Considering the fact that Tony and Denny Hamlin are reportedly both negotiating contract extensions, I don't think he is to concerned with a change to Toyota. Same thing with Kyle. He was aware that JGR was talking to Toyota and had enough confidence in the organization to still sign with them.

Tony has a long relationship with Hoosier Tires but that doesn't keep him from running on Goodyears.

They'll be OK.

Starla said...

I have no problem with Toyota. I do like Chevys, but I liked Pontiacs better.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Your right Joe is no fool..smoke and hamlin will be locked in along with Busch..and now Toyota has a proven engine building program ..this will help all the TRD should be an interesting year next year..I am looking forward to it as there will be several other bombshells before the 500 in Feb. from what I hear...