Saturday, August 4, 2007

All Bud

Kudos to Jr. for getting the pole. Seeing him with the award and the "Bud" backdrop in his Bud drivers suit was cool, but it may be the last time we ever see anything like that. He looked camouflaged and all we could see was his big smile.

Penske boys up front again. They need consistency to break that top 12 barrier. Ryan was a guest on Trackside last night and listening to him talk he always maintains a good attitude, although I noticed he is picking up a bit of the Southern accent, not that that is a bad thing, just an observation. This sort of thing happens... my sister Madeline has lived in Rotterdam, Holland for years and barely speaks English anymore. If anyone hung out with Elliot Sadler for long enough they'd have to pick up the heavy drawl... and Hermie...well I can hardly understand him.

Back at the Cottage... The heat wave is supposed to break today. It was unbearable for most of this week and I shut down the tools early every day. My carpenter, Mike, is grateful, even if he misses a few hours. I did put an extra few dollars in his pay... I told him he sweated out more than that.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if JPM hung around the Sadler Brothers for awhile would we have a Columbian with a southern drawl?...congats to Junior.. and a round of appluase for MWR getting all three in the race...that apealed to that soft spot I have for someone who stuggles but persists...enough heat and humidity aready we are suffering through the same

MIKE said...

Big Kudo's to JR. It's about time although I did not realize how long it had been for him.

I can't believe I missed Ryan Newman on trackside last night.

I was born and raised in Alaska. My parents moved to Virginia a couple of years ago to help out my sister. I have noticed that they have picked up a little accent. Not so much my parents, but my sister is really noticable.

SouthernVroom said...

Enjoy the heat, the snow returns soon!