Friday, August 24, 2007

Bring Back the Good Ole Days

More like INSANITY... but NASCAR prevails in the latest battle of the Cellular War. Perhaps the appeal in Atlanta District Court later will side with RCR and AT&T. What really has me tweaked is the apparent lack of respect for Richard Childress. Right, I know, business is business, but this is small potatoes. It's only one car. So, what will the #31 have on the hood Saturday night?

Below is the most recent addition to my growing collection. It is a car that was purchased from Harry Gant. Dale got his 1st win on asphalt with this 1964 Chevelle in 1974. I picked it up at our annual County Fair the other night for $60.00, [which is about 1/2 of it's value], brand new in the box from a collection dealer.


Starla said...

I love that car.

Anonymous said...

Now that car is a prize...You are a bargain hunter ...The whole AT&T thing has turned into a mess ..I was sort of on Nextels side until the latest hsot in the war..Nascar went to all broadcasters and asked them not to mention AT&T's name when talking about the 31 car..this is extremely heavy handed and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. A little creative maketing could have solved this just like Camel using the Smokin Joe campaign when Winston was the title sponsor...Daytona Beach made a big PR boo boo here that makes them look like heavy handed idiots