Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not Bristol Typical

The lineup for the Sharpie 500 is so different. Seeing the Dodges of Kasey Kahne and Monty on top, especially Monty at Bristol, is bizarre. In fact, there is not a Chevy in sight until 9th where Queeny sits and the naked #31 sits in 10th. And another odd ball, David Ragan in the 4th spot??

I watched some of the practice runs and the Busch race last night, which by the way was not A-Typical of Bristol. The new surface is "tire saving". I almost thought Ryan had the win on tires that should've been down to the wheels. Of course he was overpowered in the final laps by Kahne with some typical Bristol fender banging and tire rubbing which took what little life Newman's tires had right out of them and into the wall he went. Nice try though!! Newman's CORN Dodge is starting 7th tonight and he normally runs well at short tracks. It'll be interesting to see if things can be mixed up a bit for those near the fence line of The Chase.

Back at the Cottage... below is a shot of my next project. Coming off of the gable end of the area where the sliding door is will be a 16'x 20' family room. To the left is the backside of the garage... the addition will have a 12'x5' extension there that will serve as a stairwell leading down to a full finished basement from inside the garage. This was my client's idea. I will post photos of the progress.


Anonymous said...

Different surface but still a good old Bristol race..nice to see multiple grooves...tonite could be a bit bizzare..should be fun to watch

MIKE said...

Good race so far tonight. I like the different grooves.

Newman is upfront.

OH lap 162, back from yet ANOTHER commercial break. Got to go!!