Monday, August 6, 2007

Nothing like HDTV

The June experience at Pocono left me with a bad taste. That place is horrible for a live race, rain or no rain. Yesterday's race, The Penn 500, on the other hand was decent and worth watching, but that's because I was in my own home in front of my plasma tele. Espn's coverage is ok at best and Rusty Wallace should go back to commentator school, but I like the down force wind graphics. No other network can out-do Fox, at least not in my mind.

Aside from Kurt Busch's domination, the race had some pretty cool racin. Did Jr.'s spin and comeback remind you of anything?? Young Denny at last years race... the only differences were the shock change and Denny did win it. Jr. did an awesome job, but Busch bumped him out of the top 12. The next 5 races will be very intense for the 10th through 14th spots and those Penske cars are on a rampage.

This weeks race is right here in my state at The Glen, but we won't be going. Actually, we live closer to Loudon than we do Watkins Glen and although I've never been there I've heard that The Glen is also horrible as far a seeing a race.

Robby Gordon sat one out... at least he is man enough to stand up for what he believes in and then man enough to take the penalty without whining.


vroom said...

I enjoyed Suzy Kolber...vroom! After all, we do "watch" the TV!

Have a plasma Monday friend!

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Plasma .. I am green with envy and will probably spend the day cruising Best Buy....Race watching at the Glen is right on par with Pocono...but I have been spoiled after going to Richmond which is the best I have been to....Junior's team showed some championship stuff there overcoming all the things that's going to be a dogfight right to Richmond....

Charlie said...

Most of the early - knee jerk - reactions to Robby's rage was negative towards Gordon. Including my partner's rant. But I agree with you. Robby took a stand, that didn't harm anyone but him, and padi the price. I wonder if N-car will punish the bozo officials that blew the call?

Cheyenne said...

We went to Pocono once and vowed never to go back.
Robby was right, NASCAR was wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right, and NASCAR should admit what they did was wrong. Idiots.