Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Got String?

It all started a few months ago when a filling in my #14 molar fell out. My stubbornness and dislike of dental work kept me from doing the right thing. Soon I developed the occasional night time toothache, which would go away. Then on this past Monday morning it hit hard and stayed basically knocking my 6' 1" 180 lb. frame to my knees. Yesterday a dentist discovered a massive infection and today I am on a regimen of Penicillin and pain killers. I'm sitting here now with a throb that brings tears to my eyes, but it has moved to the more localized area, while before it was the whole left side of my jaw. It's been the worst pain I've ever felt... I've put a nail into my hand with a nail gun... put on a band-aid and kept working... sliced myself with utility knives, saw blades and splinters are a daily occurrence. I've dislocated shoulders, broken ribs, and suffered back injuries from my days as a competiton water skier and downhill racing and nothing compares what this one little tooth has done.

Moral of the story... go to the damn dentist bucko!!

In NASCAR... I was in the dark about the Gene Haas investigation, so the recent guilty plea and probable 2 year stint came by surprise. It wasn't long ago I wrote a post about him and his innovative robotic business as well as the state of the art 40 mil wind tunnel he had plans to build... almost the amount he has been charged with. Well, 24 months is short... he'll be back in time for the opening of the new NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte in 2110.


Vroom! said...

You realize that no one is as tall as they claim!!!

Starla said...

I know all too well about your tooth problems.

MIKE said...

Oh great. Are you trying to tell me that I need to go get my 2 teeth that hurt looked out.

NNAAAAA!! I have already waited a year or so. Another year or so can't hurt....can it??

I absolutely hate going to the dentist.