Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good Dog

I have to give credit to George at Vroom for giving me food for thought. His post today touched on what we need is a "Feel Good" race by having someone like Bobby Labonte win. It got me thinking about how it feels when an Underdog wins, like when Jamie Mac won by inches over Kyle Busch. Of course the likelihood of that is minimal at best, it is a nice thought. I also want to give George a Kudos for reminding me what year I was born... '57... and help me make up my mind which '07 #8 diecast I will add to my collection. It will be the '57 paint scheme they are running this week, but I think I will also add the traditional red Bud car... probably the CoT.

Terry Blount of ESPN NASCAR wrote a very slammin' article about the #8 Blount: Get over it, 8 lovers. He certainly tells it like it is.

With Jeffy Boy on the pole, I hope The Biff runs it up the #24's tailpipe!!


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

The Biff looks good in practice

vroom said...

Thanks for the readership spikes when you mention me, you are as close to the NY Times as I get...

charlie said...

Jeffy dissed my buddy Steve pretty good at MIS Friday. I thought it was funny - Steve did not. Since maybe everybody else in the field is somewhat the underdog to Gordon, a check into the boards by Biffle or someone, would make alot of people happy.

MIKE said...

It is to bad about people missing races becasue of rain.

I read an article...or did I see it on ESPN.....hmmm don't know, but that MIS (and other track???) are going to offer insurance with the tickets.

Basically what I took from it was that if the race is rained out, or you can't make it to the race due to some bad event, then you get refunded.

Price of insurance wasn't to bad. I think it was 6.25% of the purchase price. Minimum cost of the insurance was $6.25.

Still it would suck to go there and get rained out, but you could cash the tickets in!