Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fox Help Us All

Good Sunday Morning.

After a somewhat restlest sleep, I'm happy it's a day later and one day less that ESPN/ABC will be broadcasting NASCAR. The Sharpie 500 last night, according to's schedule, was the last for ESPN, but the rest of the season is ABC which has me wondering if we will still be subject to TV ad bombardment. ABC owns ESPN so it's likely things will not be pretty. I'm not a big fan of NBC's broadcasting of the races either, but they are better than these clowns. Why can't we have the Fox Network exclusively?

It was cool to hear Dale Jr's words of defense. Teresa is still family and she owns DEI... period.

The point standings barely changed after last nights race at the coliseum. Amazingly, the 10th - 13th place drivers all had good finishes, which left things pretty much equal as they were going into the race. I was hoping for a mix up... oh well, and with only 2 to go it's looking more and more like the current 12 will be the contenders... but then again, anything can happen.

It was good to see Pretty Boy Kahne have a good weekend. Poppa Ray must be happy having some Canadian money to help his struggling teams. And Bobby Labonte... wow!! The Dodge's are strong.

Mikey was funny in his #55 Toyo fighting with the leaders. One of the commentators stated that he was trying to get TV exposure... like he doesn't get enough! In the next moment came yet another ad and it was one of those stupid NAPA one's with Mikey reading his fan mail... although I like the fan that said his head is you know where... not on his shoulders.


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Please bring back least last night we didn't have blue and yellow air stuff.....I wish everyone would get off the Earnhart family squabble..The Dodges were strong I think they have caught up in the COT sweepstakes

Starla said...

Yeah, I like Fox too. To tell the truth I like listening to the race on the radio better then watching NBC or ESPN.

TSRFan John said...

ESPN is incredibly bad, and I'm sure we'll see the same people with ABC.

Other than the announcers, I thought it was a great race. Of course I'm one of those strange people who watch races for racing, not for accidents.

vroom said...

No cream with your coffee?

Cheyenne said...

I don't think ABC is picking up the races until the Chase starts, so it looks like we will have to endure ESPN for the final two before the Chase. I listen to the radio on a headset and watch the TV ~ been doing that for a few years now. So much better.