Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Morning

I had to wake up this morning before I could get the race results from last night's Busch race. What a bright idea to build a track in L.A. and then make it a night race!! NOT! Such visionaries we have in the front office of Francecar. It's too damn hot to run a race there during the day and it's no surprise they don't sell tickets. Just how many Californian's want to come away from their air conditioners and inground pools to watch a bunch of rednecks go in circles? Those of us east of the Rockies have to take an afternoon nap. We were in the backyard last night with a fire going in our outdoor fireplace to keep warm. I have a small tele set out on the back porch and by the time the pace car left the track our neighboorhood guests had eaten their Smore's and the mercury was below 65. By lap 20 I was in my warm bed, but even the beautiful picture my 27" HDLCD offers in our bedroom, my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and the last vision I recall was when Brad Keselowski's car nearly exploded. That jarred me awake long enough to make sure he was okay and then the next thing I see is the slight glimmer of the morning sunrise.

Kudos to Jeff Burton for beating out Shrub... again. And I gotta hand it to Marcos Ambrose for his 13th place finish, which is actually first place for the non-Buschwackers.

Back at the Cottage... Our son Adam has officially been sworn in to the National Guard as of Friday. He is on the delayed entry program as he still must finish his senior year. He is going in next July and 6 months later will be a medic stationed right here in our town. This has been all of his decision and I'm very proud of his choice. Pattyjo is also proud, but full of her maternal fear and struggling with the realization that Adam is no longer her little boy.

Happy Labor Day


Anonymous said...

We are on the same schedule I was awake until Keselowski crash after I found out he was ok I drifted off..This whole california Labor day thing is a disaster...

vroom said...

You think the Cali thing bothered you...I drove to Darlington thinking the vrooming was there this weekend!!!