Friday, September 21, 2007

Dover Qualifer's

The North Pole
Queen Jimmy rose to the top in qualifying. I almost thought Montoya had it.
Kudos to Denny, Martin Jr., Happy and Bobby for making the top ten. Our winner from Loudon, Clint, is at the tail end and I really thought Ryan would've been near the front.
The CoT seems to be awful loose at Dover. The Biff took a slide and several cars were loosing traction. Probably the Goodyear hard rubber on the concrete.
Dover is one of the best races... I just hope we get another 1st time winner for 07'... not another Johnson victory please!!


Auto Racing said...

I agree Dover usually is a good race, keep an eye on Martin Truex Jr he will be strong.

vroom said...

Howdy 57!

Maybe this will be Junior's weekend to win?

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Good run for JPM.. they did look loose as hell during qualifying....nice to see Petty do well ....MWR all three i the field with Reutiman 13th