Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sprint Schedule Released

We might as well start getting used to it. It's official... the 2008 schedule is out. The new logo is cool, but it'll take me awhile to get accustomed to the name change, but I normally refer to it as NASCAR anyhow.

I came across a nice story about G.C. Spencer. He is a NASCAR legend and unfortunately has died at the age of 82.
NASCAR Legacy: Remembering G.C. Spencer

Why does Jack Roush feel he and/or his teams are above penalties? Kyle Busch and Johnny Sauter received similar penalties when their cars failed inspection following the July race at New Hampshire and Smoke got by without a penalty because they determined it due to damage. It's cool to appeal, but Roush's Geoff Smith said the team objects to the 25-point deduction, because it deems it too steep a penalty for a driver competing in the Chase. That's just plain stupid!! The Chase contenders should not receive special treatment, but then again Denny Hamlin thinks they should.

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RevJim said...

I'm sure the penalty will be overruled on appeal. I'm a Smoke fan, but I feel that it looks bad that the 99 team was penalized for the same thing that the 20 wasn't penalized for. I'm not even a fan of Flipper, but I hate having to answer forum posts calling the whole thing favoritism toward the 20 team, and that Smoke cheated. NASCAR has a serious credibility problem in calling penalties.