Saturday, September 22, 2007

Adirondack Hotair Balloon Fest

This shot was taken last night just a few miles from our home, courtesy of ERIN REID COKER -one of our local newspaper photographers. The history of this annual event dates back to 1973 making it the 35th year. It's grown over the years from a Sat. and Sun. event to a 4 days of balloons rising in different parts of the area and now include fireworks and a night flight called "Moon Glow". Anyone can get a short tethered ride for a fee and there are plenty of goings on for the kids all weekend.

The pic above is of our local airport with what is a mere fraction of the balloons that will lift off today. To witness 100 balloons launch almost at once is spectacular.

I admire Red Bull for their efforts to get Scott Speed involved in NASCAR. He is the latest former Formula One driver to move toward NASCAR, announcing Thursday he'll run the ARCA race at Talladega Superspeedway. The influx of F1 drivers coming into the stock car world is growing with what seems daily and it's ok by me, yet it's nice to see an American kid get a chance, and it's Red Bull that also has A.J. Allmendinger who is another former open-wheel driver.

SceneDaily has reported that Robby Gordon is without a crew chief this weekend after he and Gene Nead parted ways earlier this week. I like Robby and he is in my top 5 favorite drivers list. I know he can be a stubborn S.O.B., but crew chief/driver relationships are vital to success and Gene is a great chief, he and Robby just don't mesh. Reportedly Robby has former Ginn/Nemechek crew chief Peter Sospenzo in his sights.


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Beautiful shots of the balloons ...

I like the fact that RedBull is giving Speed a shotHe's young enough that he should adapt OK....'

Gene Nead and Robby I couldn't see working they have similar personalities in some ways....

RevJim said...

I really do appreciate Robby's driving ability, and even when he seems to be at fault, you can't stay mad at him because he has that gift of gab. You just have to like the guy. I wish he could finish a race without hitting or getting hit by someone.
Scott Speed got to F1 through the Red Bull developmental program. I admire the company for sticking with him, even after the problems he had in Formula One. I have developed a sour taste for that series because of all the political moopoop.
Beautiful pictures. We have a great balloon fest here on Labor Day Weekend.

Anonymous said...

I actually took this photo but dont recall sending it to this website to use... maybe you went through the newspaper. In any event, thanks for the credit.