Monday, September 24, 2007


Opinions on the Hamlin/Petty altercation will vary and everyone is entitled. It is in my humble opinion that from what I saw Hamlin clearly ran up Kyle's rear end. What followed in the garage was comical and I'm sure they are both guilty of running their traps. Kyle's "visor slap" on Denny's helmut looked to me like a statement of "Come on kid... don't be stupid". Rather like a little head slap. But then we know Kyle has a short fuse as he has proven, busting his own hand by punching walls. It was just some garage drama with emotions out of hand due to circumstances, but Denny is clearly the Jackass that started the whole thing. I like both of these guys and I'm sure they will make things right. I wondered if Kyle knew the live camera was filming? AAhhhh.... "The world is all a stage and we are all actors" Mr. William Shakespeare

The standings got shaken up like a crap shoot. Concrete Carl... somehow I don't like that nickname... winning only to fail post-inspection. TV is a funny thing at times. Watching The Speed Report hearing "Breaking News!" how Edward's car failed then at 8:00 NASCAR Victory Lane comes on which is a pre-recorded hour after the race. So much talk about Edwards winning, etc. and they don't even know yet that the car failed, but it's an hour later. The Speed Channel should flip those time slots and the Herminator looked like he might melt in the sun. He appeared to be a Snickers bar. I got enough humor out of all of it that I did not have to stay awake to watch Dispain humilate himself. Some of The Speed lineup should be on The Comedy Channel.

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Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

good points..Hamlin was at fault there .. and Kyle's temper is well known...the whole thing fit in to what was one of those days....