Monday, September 10, 2007

Scottish Luck

Dario Franchitti's luck ran deep in the final Indycar race at Chicagoland yesterday. If you missed the end, let's just say the luck of the Scottish was hovering over him. With only 7 points separating him and Scott Dixon from the Crown and a 2 lap shootout. Scott clearly had the advantage, that is until the last 1/2 mile when his ethanol burned it's last vapor and Dario went by to take the win and the '07 Championship.

His wife, Ashley Judd was prancing around the pits like a little kid hugging and kissing every person she could get her hands on. It was comical in a way, yet emotional I'm sure. I wonder... if Dario does end up in a stock car next year will NASCAR let her break the pit rules to run around in loose fitting cotton dresses and practically barefoot? He is one lucky guy!


vroom said...

As they ain't over til it's over, and the final lap proved it. Great vrooming. Dario will be a new fav of mine if he joins FranceCar!

Anonymous said...

Dario has already hit the jackpot with Ms. Judd..and now a championship.....I wonder how Ashley wiould look on the pitbox in a fire suit ala Delana Harvick..whoohoo double vroomers as our friend would say

Cheyenne said...

At least one of my drivers had good luck over the weekend.