Friday, September 7, 2007

AT&T is a "Go"

Word just out that NASCAR, Nextel and RCR have reached an agreement. Imagine that!!
Well it's a temporary fix that will allow the #31 and Jeff Burton to display AT&T logos. NASCAR has some heart afterall and will allow this through the end of '08 to give Richard Childress sufficient time to replace AT&T. Perhaps their is something brewing in the Busch Series major sponsor... but "The AT&T Series"... just does not have the racing ring to it... pun intended.

The weather looks dry for Richmond, but a touch warm and humid. After California the drivers can tolerate anything.


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

After fattening a bunch of lawyers wallets ..someone actually used some common sense and figured out a solution

vroom said...

Kudos to all involved parties~

4ever3 said...

Hey that AT&T thing sounds a tad familiar. Wouldn't that just be the cat's meow if that were to happen. I hope NASCAR is also activily searching out a new sponsor for the 31 car,since it this is their mess to begin with.

MIKE said...

About time they got it "fixed". But it's not really. AT&T is still being forced to leave.

Guess they can pick on Alltel next.

And I have read a couple of "RUMORS" about AT&T taking the Busch Series.

I posted somewhere earlier that I thought it was great that AT&T had a commercial during the Cup race last week.

And I also think it is great that the Pole Question during the race is sponsored by AT&T as well.

And if I have only 1 good thing to say about ESPN coverage (and that is about it....1 thing) it would be that Rusty (I think it was Rusty) explained why Burton was not running the AT&T logo DURING last weeks race.

I thought that was awesome. Wonder if NASCAR spanked him and ESPN for doing that.

Well, AT&T got alot of good publicity out if no matter how you look at it. NASCAR..not so good my opinion.

RevJim said...

I've already said, elsewhere, that it would be a great "poetic justice" if AT&T was to be the new sponser of the Busch Series. I hope the rumors didn't start with me, I was just being whimsical.
Whimsy aside, it would sound good if it were called "ATTSCAR"--AT&T Stock Car Auto Racing.