Sunday, July 1, 2007

Viva Craftsman

There's nothing like good ole Craftsman tools. They have been around forever it seems, because I do remember trying to turn a worn out old screw into a scrap piece of lumber my dad had with a Craftsman screwdriver. Sears always said "if you can break one of our hand tools, we'll replace it".
This amazed me as a boy and because of that my dad would end up with a new tool from time to time... me being all boy and testing the limits.
Today I am a craftsman and I do own some Craftsman tools.
The name "Craftsman" is synonymous with the trades as well as The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and what a perfect name for this awesome racing. NASCAR has a way of "fixing something that ain't broken", I just hope they are always able to keep "Craftsman" as there major sponsor for the Truck Series.

Kudos to Travis Kvapil.... again!!!


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

good tools good raci.....nice job by Keselowski

Starla said...

I think that 4 generations of Foyts used Craftsman tools. At least that is what the Craftsman commercial said.