Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Now That's Magic"

Jamie McMurray's win was so close. It seemed surreal, almost magical as teammate Cousin Carl gave him that little nudge to get him ever so slightly past Shrub at the finish line. It made my whole night and as much as a sweep by Shrub on the same day on the same track would've been historical, I did not want to see another Hendrick victory. Shrub may be a lot of things... but that kid can race. Whomever happens to sign him on will get a winner. Back to Jamie... I like him as a person and seeing him take only his 2nd win after something like 166 races
[I think] is awesome. It's so cool to see an unlikely driver get a victory and it may be another 166 races before he does it again, but the Pepsi 400 trophy is one he'll never forget and will put him up there with the elite few Daytona winners. Now that he's done with the Bunny, maybe he should give it back to Kasey... he could use all the help he can get!!

Tony and Denny... one of those two morons had the car. Nuff said.

I'm working on the name "Sprint Cup" in my minds eye. When the shift went from Winston to Nextel I disliked it, but "Sprint" seems like it'll be easier to accept.

In my opinion... changing the guaranteed 35 spots to some "other" number is vital. Many say let them all race for position, but we know Le'France won't do that. What is the magic number?? Perhaps Brian and company should ask the Bunny.


TSRFan-John said...

A great finish to an otherwise so so race. Good for Jamie in finally getting his second win. Good for Carl to help out instead of going for the win himself.

Sprint Cup sounds more like what USAC would give out at the end of the year to the sprint car champion. Of course when you consider that all the best drivers are coming from an open wheel background, maybe it makes sense.

Top 12 guaranteed. Everybody else on time.

Starla said...

I think someone needs to give the bunny to Smoke.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

great finish..I watched this morning..It was interesting watching young Busch can wheel a race car that thing was sideways most of the night...I would like to see the top 20 locked in maybe only the top 12...but you will never see that

MIKE said...

Great finish!! I liked the race.

I also think the garaunteed positions thing needs to change. I like top 20 or so.

As far as you comment about not being around much......This is getting to be a busy summer. I have been gone most weekends lately.

One of the better weekends was two weekends ago. Here in Michigan they taped "Pinks All Out" for the Speed Channel. That was a blast. If I find time I will be posting something about it.

Anyway, busy busy busy.

trying to catch up now!!!!