Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Steal

The tiny village we live in has an annual 2 day 4th of July event on the water front called "Heritage Days". It's atypical, with greasy food vendors, rides and games for the kids and vendors selling everything from Avon to rustic furniture. Last night our crew walked down and I came across a guy selling an assortment of NASCAR collectibles. Most of it was useless stuff, but he did have a few diecast that caught my eye, mostly Dale Jr.. Then I spotted the #3 pictured above nestled in among some Jr. cars. It now sits in my display case. It's the Dale Earnhardt Action 1/24th Scale 1999 Winston All Star Race Goodwrench Wrangler Monte Carlo and I paid a whopping $30.00 for it. I'm suffering from sticker shock!! Ted, my buddy who owns "Victory Lane", our local NASCAR store, has this car for sale with a much, much larger price on it. I almost felt bad for the guy who sold it to me. I'll be going back to the water front today to see if the guy has re-stocked something out of his dusty old closet.

I also got a 2004 #31 Cingular 1/24th scale RCR/Robby Gordon for $25. That's about all that's worth but I didn't have any Robby Gordon pre Robby Gordon Racing.

Will the skies be friendly to Daytona today??


TSRFan-John said...

Nice buy. The seller either didn't know what he had, or he just didn't care and wanted to get rid of it.

No reason to feel bad about it. He probably went home thinking "I can't believe somebody paid $30.00 for that thing."

You got what you wanted, he got what he wanted.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Good Buy I'm green with envy.....the sky's in daytona are iffy this is florida in the summertime you can almost set your watch by the thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening

Starla said...

That was a sweet deal. And I hope Daytona is interesting tonight.

Well I hope your son had a great birthday.

4ever3 said...

Are you still looking over your shoulder to see if the guy is coming after you to pony up some more cash?