Friday, July 13, 2007

Just Another.....

The Chicagoland USG Sheetrock 400. It's not only just another mile and a halfer it's name "Sheetrock" reminds me of the doldrums of hanging and taping this awful stuff. My duties as a small contractor often include this dirty job. Even after years of experience spreading the goop I still find it boring and tedious. The name goes well with Chicagoland because it's just another mile and a half oval like several other tracks on the circuit. It may be a decent race, but it's just another Vegas or Texas or Miami. These tracks are the most numerous. It's probably just me because I love the short tracks like Dover and Darlington and I also like the Superspeedway's because there is nothing like the finishes we've had at Daytona this year.

This could be Smoke's weekend of redemption and which driver near the top 12 will close the gap... McMurray or Newman? I like Ryan on the mile and a halfer's.

Off to work, but no sheetrocking today!!


DaleJarrett4Ever said...

Chicago can tend to be an exciting race. I do like the 1.5 mile tracks. Could it truly be Tony's weekend or maybe even Kahne's day? Lets not forget that KK is not too shabby on the 1.5's.

Enjoy the race!!!


Starla said...

I think I have gave up on Tony ever winning.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

I have to agree on the 1.5 milers give me Richmond anyday...hopefully Chicago's groove has widened out a bit and we can see a bit of a race...but I bet we here aero push more than once or twice on sunday

MIKE said...

Well, lets see. I like ..... RYAN. He is becoming way over due and has a decent record at Chicago.

I do agree about the 1.5's. I like all racing, but we need a little more variety!!

vroom said...

So you are saying you are full of sheet sometimes!

Have a vrooming weekend!