Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Mark Martin is taking the #5 out for a spin at Friday nights BGN race at Darlington. He is the most winningest Busch driver with 8 at Darlington alone, but he best wear some extra padding. The #5 can't seem to keep it's wheels on the ground, maybe two wheels is the answer.

I have some new found respect for Jack Roush. I was watching TV in bed last night and came across a documentary of sorts featuring Roush's custom fabrication shop. Absolutely amazing place! And Jack's life was the focus too with talk about his childhood and how he was a drag racer that was nearly killed. It was on our local PBS channel in HD and some of those Pony cars looked awesome in HD.

Back at the Cottage...I have been extremely busy lately. The contracting business is crazy for me this time of the year, so I have not had a lot of time to read too many other blog's that I miss!! It'll get back to normal soon.


Vroom! said...

I need to watch that documentary...he's still Roushy to me!

Starla said...

Have you heard the news about Dale Jr's big announcement????

You can read about it at this link.