Monday, May 28, 2007

The Lowe's Experience

Being a General Contractor takes me into our local Lowe's nearly on a daily basis. This is out of necessity rather that preference. The majority of the lumber I use is from a locally owned supply center because Lowe's stacks it's lumber inside the store where it is subject to a very dry environment. It's hard to find a straight 2x4 and the pressure treated lumber is twisted and warped beyond use. But the location of Lowe's is very convenient and they do have just about everything under the sun and even though there is also a Home Depot up the road, I find myself grudgingly entering the doors under the looming blue and gray sign. It's usually a horrible experience and I like to equate it as to going into a Dr.'s takes forever to get in and out. Once in there one must fight their way through the swarm of traffic and just when you think you found a safe route down one of the long isles you run into one of the giant step ladders on wheels and the guys in the blue vests have put up caution tape. There have been times when I actually ducked under the tape but I was nailed by the blue jackets and told to go back the way I came only to find a forklift in another isle with more caution tape, all this while pushing one of those blue carts that squeals like a pig when pushed and they have to be squeezed through tight isles full of other blue squealing pigs. There is no way out and the carts scrape each other on the isle walls. Once the horror is near the end it's time to go through the check out only to find traffic backed up except for the lucky few who sneak through the self-checkout with a light load.

This pretty much sums up last night's race at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

Happy Memorial Day Folks!!!


Starla said...

I wish we had a Home Depot. The closest one is like a hour away. When we go to Lowes (Slowes) it usually looks like a Ghost Town.

Mike said...

Brilliant post.