Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Round Two

Okay, so maybe my sense of humor is abit on the dry side and sometimes my writing is so abstract that even I have a hard time reading between the lines. My real take on Sunday's Coke 600........... LONG!! But overall a decent race. Although it was just another Hendrick victory, I liked seeing Casey Mears get his first win ever and Yeley's 2nd place was too cool. He is a driver with so much potential. The topper was Kyle Petty's 3rd place. That really made the whole bizarre finish worthwhile. Jr.'s thoughts of finishing 2nd only to find out he took 8th is a testament to how screwed up the finish was. The race did remind me of a trip to our local Lowe's. This particular store is always mobbed on any given day with people bumping into each other and it takes forever to get in and out of there.

I am looking forward to the Monster Mile. A nice transition from Lowe's. The following week is the Pocono 500 and I will be in the stands for that race. I'll try to get some photos worth posting.

Back at the Cottage... Sad news. My in-laws live around the corner from us on a quiet village street, but this did not stop their family dog from dying yesterday from his injures due to an SUV hitting him. It was no ones fault as "Chewy" was heading over to our house as he used to do a lot. My poor mother in-law is devastated as the little Japanese Chin was her shining star. Worse... she witnessed it. Chewy can never be replaced but we are already looking for a new black and white male Jap Chin pup for her. Maybe one of my readers knows of one?? We found several online but it's so hard.


Starla said...

I enjoyed seeing Mears win, he was just so excited.

I don't know what I would ever do if something happened to my dog. I hope you can find a puppy for your mother-in-law.

Cheyenne said...

Gosh,that is just so sad about their dog. Hope another one can be found soon. Pets are the greatest thing to have around.

MIKE said...

I enjoyed the ... long...long...race. Your right, it was another Hendrick finish, but one that had not won yet...ever. So it was cool. And Kyle Petty was the topper. How cool is that for him.

Newman --- blew an engine under caution??? OK.

Sorry to hear about Chewy. I have a 100lbs Golden Retriever "Shadow". He can be very annoying, but it would break my heart if something happened to him. I think I have pics of him on my MySpace.