Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gentleman and a Scholar

Denny is, in my book, one heck of a nice kid. He is a master at the more difficult tracks yet he races clean. Rarely is it heard or seen that he has a problem with another driver or visa versa. He is just a down to earth young man with a heart of gold. Last nights win at The Lady was deserved after running solid all night and to top it off he flew the VT banner in honor of the recent tragedy. Then he announced that his trophy will be donated to VT. He is a Va. native and I have to wonder if Virginia breeds gentlemen... hence Jeff Burton. I hope that one day Mr. Hamlin will hold the Cup.


TSRFan said...

Denny is a very classy young man and seems mature beyond his years. And yes, he seems to be such a gentleman. I think he'll be holding the cup within a few years.

Starla said...

I like Hamlin too; maybe he can win a Nextel race and save us from the Hendrick curse.