Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brotherly Love

That was the crash of the century. Kurt said it so well in a post-crash interview... "it was only a matter of time & I won't be eating Kellogg's anytime soon." That was hilarious!! For me... except for Harvick winning, it was the highlight of what was an otherwise boring race. I know this left Rick H. shaking his head and wondering if there is
room at "The Inn" for Jr. afterall.

It was so nice to see Queen Jimmy take 2nd and I mean that maliciously. A 2nd year win, at Lowes, a Hendrick car, etc. etc. The post-race interview with J.J. was showing his true colors. What I saw was a look of disgust and a sense of entitlement. He was not in the limelight and he did not like it. Harvick did an awesome job at holding Johnson off and he acted like his mommy told him he couldn't have that shiny new "Hotwheels car". A lot of what determines whether or not I like a driver is what's in their personality and all I've seen from the Queen since his early days is a pompous ass... but he fits in well at "The Inn".

Kudos to Judge Shoob for holding off the posse and allowing RCR's #31 to sport the AT&T logo. I just hope that they change the base color orange to a blue or white. The last minute logo change will go down in history as the Cingular Orange becoming the New AT&T a' la carte.


TSRFan said...

BOOOORRRRRRING!!! What a sleeper of a race. The Kurt/Kyle thing was cool, didn't realize they hadn't gotten together before. Kurt showed his maturity in the interview.

I didn't bother to stick around for the post-race interviews. Figured as bad as the race was, the interviews would be just as bad. Glad to hear Gordon Jr. showed his typical attitude.

Cheyenne said...

Ijust don't understand that 'Johnson fella.' Why does he think he is so much better than everybody else? People like that chap my you-know-what.

MIKE said...

Loved seeing the brothers wreck. SUPER GLAD Jimmie did not win.

Also Glad here about the AT&T outcome.

Did you hear....Alltel has been bought out by private equity.

I also work for Alltel, so we will see how all that plays out.

Harold said...

Jimmie is better because he wins more and winners have attitudes, probably one of the reasons why they're winners. Get mad at yourself if you don't win and by golly show it.

No different than in any other sport.

Gordon was mad (at himself) as a result of his finish at Marty, and what has happened since, won three of the next four races I believe.