Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Big Thumbs Up

Brian France and friends have been labeled many things, negative, positive and everything inbetween. The broad spectrum says they are unfair in their rulings of infractions and related consequences. This topic is arguably the single most popular discussed, debated, ranted and written about on the negative side. I am guilty of it, but how can one not be? It seems as if the balance of the justice scales waver weekly, so it's only natural that fans will rant.

The recent decision the make the CORN the full time ride for 08' came down yesterday and although there was plenty of pressure from the team owners, the powers that be listened and granted their wish. Absolutely the right thing to do. On this topic I must give kudos to the crew upstairs and along with Kurt Busch, they have moved up a notch or two on my scale of respect. The CORN has a long way to go with changes needed, but at least now team owners can feel better about the huge expense involved.

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vroom said...

The Shrub drives "yellow" CORN...