Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grow up Punk

It seems to be unanimous and having just read an article "Brotherly Shove" Full Story ... I concur that this young [idiot} man needs not one but several trips to the woodshed. Perhaps an alternative would be to put J.P. Monty and Baby Busch in a Wreck-em Derby race and those two could possibly get it out of their system's. Now I am not a big Hendrick fan [not one iota] and I make no secret of it, but Shrubs is a disgrace to what is otherwise a pretty decent organization. Although his "Better Than Thou" demeanor fits in with his sense of entitlement, something the Hendrick's drivers have in common, short of Mears, but Busch has NO CLASS whatsoever and if I were Rick Hendrick I would be ashamed to have him on my payroll. Please excuse my ranting but I for one [of many I'm sure] am old school when it comes to self discipline and when the "self" fails some bigger entity should step in, like a big, very big head slap!!

Have a great day folks... I am loving the late spring weather here in the Northeast and my power tools and air nailers are too!!


Charlie Turner said...

I find that many times I don't know exactly what it is that makes me dislike someone. There are occasions when I really want to like someone and can't. The Busch bros have that effect.

Starla said...

Yeah I can't stand the guy either. He seems like a jerk!!!!

Cheyenne said...

Maybe Hendrick ought to send him to the School of Penske Grooming; they did a good job on brother Kurt. And they should keep him there, too.

4ever3 said...

Man, have I had problems trying to post on your site. I just don't get it, anyway I hope this works.

I really like the gif image with this post, it is hysterical!

Keep it up.

Racefan57 said...

4ever3 I have tried to make commenting here easy... I'll look into that.

thanks for appreciating the humor...shrubs is a joke!