Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flyin Ryan ??

The Dodges of Penske South are gaining ground. I do like Newman and Kurt Busch has moved up a few notches on my "drivers I don't like list". Teamwork seems to be paying off with reportedly both teams working together in the garage areas. With Ryan currently sitting 19th in points, which is a +5 from last week, he does have an ever so slight chance of working himself into the top 12. The Dodges are not doing well with just 4 in the top 20... Busch in 9th, E Sad in 16th and Stremme in 17th leaving Newman in 19th. Testing at LMS this week has the Dodges flyin!! Now if they could just keep them off the wall and get a variety amongst the Chevy's.

Speaking of Chevy... I won't even begin to speculate what is going on with Jr. and company, but apparently the whole world will know later today.

With Mother's Day being Sunday we lucked out with a night race!! I respect that NASCAR does not race on Mother's Day, but it is hard to miss a week.

Back at the Cottage... The tip of my right index finger had a run-in with a table saw blade yesterday. Lucky it is only superficial but ya really find out how much that finger is used when there is a banana size bandage on it. First time in 30 plus years of running power tools that a blade has gotten me.

A little pride... Our son Adam {center} holding a first place trophy from a paintball tourney last Saturday.

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MIKE said...

Penske teams are working well together.

If Newman can keep up the great job he has been doing (lately) then I think he will make the top 12 (thank god it's 12 this year and not 10)!

Might see great things from him this weekend. He loves this track and it shows in his stats (avg of 11.5 finish).

I might actually miss this weekends race as well or part of it. Maybe for the better - missed last weekends and he got his best finish of the year :)