Monday, March 31, 2008


A rare 1967 Toyota 2000GT.

The Toyota... interesting because they've never really been serious muscle car builders, but they sit on top of the charts in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The TRD started in the off-road circuit with huge success, entered into the NCTS with even more success and now they are in the big leagues and there is no stopping them.

A great race yesterday at Martinsville. Amazing how the race went on with a continuous light rain. This probably due to the slower speeds.

It was pleasing to see Hamlin take the win in his home state. Several drivers had a good day including Dale Jr. He is showing consistency with the Hendrick team, but it's the Childress guys that are leading the pack. Jeff Burton is doing very well, but his "Tude" towards Michael McDowell was out of character. It'll be interesting how Burton does at Texas ... being last years winner there.

Gordon and Johnson have finally broken into the top ten. Momentum??


Don and Sheryl said...

The #00 is lucky that Burton was behind him, if it was Tony, Jeff or Junior, he would have been bumperized.

Starla said...

Is Tony ever going to win one???

RevJim said...

don and cheryl--I think any driver other than Jeff Burton would have applied the chrome horn.
Burton later retracted the comment, it was definitely a heat of the moment statement.
Yes, Mike, I thought it was very uncharacteristic myself.

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