Monday, March 10, 2008

Tall Order

Kyle Busch.... We might as well get used to it. And I always hate to say this but.... I told you so! The kid has actually grown on me a wee-bit. Does he remind you of anyone?? Come on think real hard! Okay... so perhaps nobody wants to compare Rowdy to a late great Legend, but the young Busch drives like Dale and is just as intimidating. Point in clue... Busch nearly put Dale Jarrett in a tail spin on the final lap yesterday. This pissed me off at the time and I still feel it was an unnecessary evil, but Jarrett was holding Busch back from crossing the finish line with the Snickers car all by itself in the glory of the victory. He had it either way, so this just shows that he is still a selfish little you know what. But... what would Dale Sr. have done?? No driver got in his way and if they did they got pushed to the side and often into the wall and the fans loved this about Dale. I know I did. I don't want to piss anyone off here, but it is what it is. Of course there is no comparison between the two off the track... Dale's life and the way he lived it can never be compared. Kyle Busch is a turd but his skills behind the wheel are not short of amazing.

Goodyear. They've done a good job at pissing off many. Although the tires made for an interesting race. The drivers got plenty of practice driving loose cars.

Interesting. The point standings...not a Gordon or Johnson in the top 10. 3 Toyota's, 3 Dodge's, 3 Chevy's and the lonely #16 Ford. Quite a balanced mix. With short track racing at Bristol this week it's likely the Toyota's will continue to dominate. It's a nice change not seeing Gordon and Johnson dominating... we asked for it! But on the other hand it's going to get old real quick with that #18 Candy Car up front every week.


Starla said...

I must really be against Johnson and Gordon, because I even got excited thinking about Carl Edwards winning again. I hate to say it, but I am starting to like Kyle a little also. And I am still asking for anyone to win besides Gordon and Johnson. Sorry to all you Gordon and Johnson fans out there.

Don and Sheryl said...

Atlanta is a tough track but the COYesterday handled much better there then these cookie-cutters and maybe Tony is right, Goodyear needs some competition. I am really surprised with the sliding we didn't see more blow outs and run ins with the wall.

I am not a Kyle fan but he is one heck of a driver and I feel Dale should have moved over for him. There are plenty of other drivers who would have moved Jarrett out of the way.

RevJim said...

I think "Rowdy" and Tim Richmond is a better comparison. Kyle is like "what do you mean 'I can't do that, I just did it'"
He doesn't know what he can't do yet because he doesn't know what he can't do.

Stephen said...

Yeah. I don't like him either, but the fact is, he's a phenomenal driver, so we need to get used to it. Only a matter of time before he gets his own Cup.

David said...

Kyle Busch is an immature punk...he reminds me of his older brother Kurt before Roger Penske coached him...check out my vid about Kyle's stupidity at the Martinsville Truck Race:

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