Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It's almost time for the weekend kickoff. A full race schedule... NCTS, Nationwide and Cup.

Hoopla.... Jimmy Johnson winning!! NOT!! It's going to be a Toyota. A calculated guess or perhaps it's that clairvoyance, but I don't see a Hendrick car in Victory Lane.

Martinsville is one of those very active and exciting races. I've a passion for short tracks, although the restictor plate races are awesome. The biggest challenges for drivers at Martinsville is over driving the D.W. says.."slow down to go faster".. and then there is the tightest pit road on the circuit to contend with. All in all... Martinsville is never boring.

I'd love to see a Ford win...specifically The Biff.

Back at the Cottage... The winter from hell is finally showing signs of spring. The mercury will actually reach 45 today. Woooo.....whooooo!!!! My heating bill for this winter, which is not over yet, exceeded $3,000.00. We burned a lot of candles for extra warmth!


Starla said...

I love the short tracks also. I can't wait.
I got an electric blanket before winter started last year so I could be warm.

vroom said...

I like The Biff myself! But I want 88 or 29 to vroom to victory!