Saturday, March 8, 2008


What is up with Rowdy?! The kid is unstoppable taking his 2nd out of 3 NCTS win this year. He is also a favorite for Sunday's Sprint Cup race sitting on the outside of row 3. I missed the Truck race... I cannot stay up that late, but reading how NASCAR told Shrub to "Cool it" for passing on the inside didn't stop him.... he then just hugged the wall in a loose truck and worked his way to the front. Later pit strategy landed him in Victory Lane. The kid can pretty much out drive anyone, but his "Rowdiness" gets him caught up in melee more often than not. Maturity will bring him a Cup Championship.

Carl Edwards is touting the Aflac paint scheme for Sunday's race... nothing like a little insurance after his mishap's... the penalty and the wrecked million dollar motor home. It was torn up in an accident enroute to Atlanta... but Carl has new digs!! A 30' tag-along complete with a bathroom and an awning. To have it so bad.... poor guy has to spend the weekend in a $50k trailer instead of a rolling castle. He can borrow my moldy tent!

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