Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grand Ole' Opry

I always look forward to the Nashville Nationwide race. I was hoping to see fewer Cup Big Guns on the entry list, because it's so cool to see a minor leaguer win. The last one of these I recall was David Gilliland winning, which broke a streak and placed him on the charts.

Of course the entry list includes the likes of Ky. Busch, C. Edwards, C. Bowyer and D. Hamlin... so chances are slim to none that one of the little guys will take the checker.

Kenny Herman Wallace.... he's a funny guy right? And seems to be very fan friendly right? Yeah...well he's in love with the camera. I believe he's hoping to get noticed by some Hollywood Producer. Any time I've been in close proximity of him he has been a royal prick and his whole demeanor changes the minute they say "Rolling!".

He's been given a full time car in the Nationwide Series by Jay Robinson Racing. The #28 Border Patrol. Kenny boasts.."I'm going to put the Border Patrol Chevy up front and compete in the top ten every week"... yeah OK Kenny!! Ya might better take a seat at the audition tent for the Talladega Nights sequel.


vroom said...

I'm not sure Gilligan is "on the charts"!

Have a vrooming day!

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Starla said...

Kenny came and raced at our local dirt track. I met him and he was a pretty nice guy, and there were no cameras around. But he wrecked his car and didn't finish the race. Well he finished the race in the broadcast booth.

Anonymous said...

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