Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Luck Robby Gordon

I titled this image "Fate". This is shot through an old John Deere window. Every picture tells a story, some sad, some happy, some inspiring, some comforting and in this case it could be any, but for me it suggests fate. The veins of glass that may have started as a simple crack and with time, ill repair and hard work the window progressed to a state of demise yet somehow can still reflect beauty. Perhaps the farmer that owns this Deere prefers to keep the old girl just the way she is.

Fate... I read a clip on Fox Sports last night about Robby Gordon's impending appeal. The idea that the outcome of this could very well seal his fate was disturbing to me. Losing the appeal will place him in a position that will likely cost him his NASCAR career. He has fought so hard to gain the ground he has as the only owner/driver left in NASCAR, well Kyle Petty qualifies for this too but with the Petty Empire behind him. Robby has courage, stoic integrity and blind faith with a backbone made of steel. He has managed to keep Jim Beam as a sponsor and somehow keeps things moving forward. I don't care what anybody says... this infraction is not his fault or the fault of his team. Dodge has taken full responsibility and given that this was Robby's first race in an Evernham Dodge it's all too obvious that they were only following protocol. Whatever happens happens, yet I will be feeling his pain. Fate will be, but Faith in Robby moving forward in another venue helps. Back to Open Wheel perhaps and he has his Offroad career.


vroom said...

Gotta love the lone ponies....vroom!

Don and Sheryl said...

Robby has always been a rebel but IMO a clean, hard racer, unless you cross him up on the track.

It seems over the years that someone in NASCAR has had it in for him and when he is penalized they nail him harder then other as I see it.

Looking back on Sunday, I said tires would be a problem and when they did blow the drivers took some hard hits. But I was surprised by one thing FOX was talking about debris getting on the grill and causing overheating but after the flagged dropped not much of anything was heard about it.

Marc said...

Here's a question I have not seen answered as yet, and I've asked in numerous sites and blogs.

Why would anyone truly believe Gordon's rhetoric about his team's life being in jeaprody when he just aligned himself with Evernham, a team that has just gotten a very large cash infusion from Gillet.

RGM is in the best financial situation he's been in since he decided to become a car owner.

You can believe what you want obviously, but the facts are he's stronger as a team now than at any other time.

Racefan57 said...

Good question Marc and one I don't have an answer for. I've not looked further into this...but the last I knew this was not a partnership, but GEM could very well help Robby if things get horrible.