Thursday, March 6, 2008

Free Bird

I consider myself fairly literal in the literal sense, yet I had to look up the word "Sycophant"... sycophant \SIK-uh-fuhnt\, noun:
A person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence; a parasite; a toady. As taken from

"Can we get a collective sigh of relief from all the Robby sycophants who have been in a constant state of panic over Gordon folding his Sprint Cup tent?"

I never thought of myself as a parasite or a toady, but this is what Marc of Full Throttle refers to those of us in support of Robby Gordon's appeal. Oh well, I've been called much worse! And the good news is... he won!! Robby that is. It is a relief and I'm sure a collective one and not only fans of Robby, but folks in general. I am not a huge Gordon fan, although he is one of my faves. This is due to what he represents and the type of man he is. In a word.... BRAVO !!

I say he won...well not totally. But at least he has retained his 100 points. The money is replaceable, the probation is doable. I suppose this blows the theory that NASCAR is out to get him... well that is if NASCAR has any influence over The National Stock Car Racing Commission, but that would make NASCAR a sycophant.

In normalcy... Carl Edwards team got hammered. His drop to 7th in points hardly hurt, at least this early in the season. If he continues to show this fortitude of late, he'll be back on top in a matter of weeks.


vroom said...

I'm a "sycho-greek"....

Don and Sheryl said...

As far as Carl Edwards did we ever learn if the top was "off", "missing" or "loose"? I don't know where the cheating comes in. IMO no one is going to do something that is obvious and that will be checked.

MArc said...

Lets clear up the sycophant label I've applied to some of Robby's fans.

Those that wear the tag are those that continue to believe Dodge and only Dodge had anything to do with providing the nosepiece. It's plainly false, the part was produced by Five Star as they make that part and many others for all brands the run in all three NASCAR Series'.

A "Robby sycophant" has also assigned zero responsibility to RGM, this despite the fact it was one of his employees that installed the part. Where and how they had the part available isn't germane, they had it and attempted to use it. To this day, they are all saying "see... see even the Commission says he did nothing." Horsehockey, the sycophants refuse to read the ruling and fail to understand why the monetary fine was increased.

The most outward sign of a Robby sycophant is those wasting of hard earned cash on silly, worthless Rally for Robby t-shirts. They not only wasted whatever idiotic price asked for it, but also swallowed hook line and sinker Jim Beam's publicity stunt. Make no mistake, that's all it was, a stunt to get the brand in the news (for free), if JB gave a damn they would have their logo on the #7's hood at Atlanta, it's not.

And last (for shortness only there are more reasons) but not least are those that took with any degree of seriousness Robby's sob story about any financial threat to his race team and the resulting folding of his Cup tent.

It was nothing more than pulling the sympathy card in the best traditions of politicians and others in an attempt at diverting attention from the real issue, a screw-up.

Gordon's NASCAR team has never been in a better position than now after aligning himself with GEM, to think he would toss that away after all the much harder times he's gone thru has gulped some serious Kool-Aid.

But many bought that line of tripe, and they are in fact blind Robby sycophants.

Racefan57 said...

Well now that you put it that way Marc I feel so much better. I'm amazed at the amount of information you have on all this. Of course a lot of it is common sense. I agree with you on much of it, but it just seems as if you are very bitter towards this sort of thing..or perhaps you are a realist who cannot tolerate blind sycophants. At any rate... I do not take this crap that serious.. it's a sport that we as fans are supposed to enjoy, which I do. I am happy Robby got his points back and well the other stuff.... just business as usual.

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