Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dessert Shrub

The Shrub finally pulls one off. Not much input from me on this because it's obvious very early in the season that Busch will dominate this year. I remain neutral... I don't particularly care either way. I suppose I'm done being so concerned about the dominance of one driver or another and instead place focus on the level of performance the drivers I do care about. This keeps me from getting aggravated.

Irony is a funny thing. I vividly recall my 8th grade English teacher driving home the meaning behind this word. Of course it is often coupled with coincidence, it has a varying degree of meanings and uses. In a previous post I wrote about Michael McDowell. I truly expected to see this kid climb to fame, but not so quickly and certainly not in this manner. Watching that, was scary.

So what will today bring? Another Toyota in Victory Lane? Perhaps another RCR car.


Starla said...

Maybe we should not post about drivers. It is like taking a photo of a car then someone wrecks it. LOL!!!

I like your photo posted on this blog. I love Cars!! Great movie for the whole family. Well if the whole family likes NASCAR.

Cheyenne said...

Duck's have wings and can fly and that's how Carl won the race. Sorry, I'm not a Roush fan. Drivers are ok, just don't like Roush.