Friday, October 12, 2007

Yet Another

Yet another restless night. Much of this is due to our restless dogs that feed off of each other's behaviour. They must think it's some sort of game to see which human will get out of bed first to quiet them down. I'm the winner!! Or loser??

Yet another pole for Newman! 42nd and his 7th pole at LMS. If nothing else... Ryan has made a name for himself for this. It's been over 2 years since his last win, but it's possible he'll break that streak yet this season. Crew chief, Mike Nelson has come a long way in his rookie year. He had some big shoes to fill following Matt Borland. This Penske team is all about Engineers. Nelson was the teams engineer since it's inception in 2000. With Ryan himself being an engineer as is past crew chief, Borland. One has to wonder if there is a conflict of the minds. Nelson and Newman seem to mesh well and they are listening to and getting garage ideas from Pat Tryson, the #2 Miller Lite crew chief, who is not an engineer, he has a B.A. in Business Administration. Engineer's are a stubborn bunch and analytical to the extreme. I know this all too well coming from an engineering background myself, but I also have extensive business experience, so in most cases my engineering logic loses to risk because business is all about risk and so is racing. Without Tryson in the Penske garage it's likely the "Logical" thinking would succumb to head butting as it did with Borland. I'd like to see the #12 Alltel team continue on this upward momentum into next season.

Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR


TSRFan-John said...

Maybe that's Ryan's problem. They think to much. They need a little more guts and a little less brains.

Starla said...

I remember complaining one year b/c Newman kept winning. Now I wish the poor guy could win some.

vroom said...

Good comments was painful when Newman was winning almost every week, and Rusty was po'd too.

RevJim said...

I have to agree with TSRfan-John here. Ryan is a very good driver, and it seems to me that all of the major Dodge teams are having mechanical problems this year. It's almost as if Felix Sebates is contageous. Blame it on the driver and you don't have to deal with the engineers.
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