Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I know how that Otter feels. After Sunday's race at Martinsville, I've succumbed to what's been the norm all season... Hendrick dominance. Clearly at this point in The Chase it would take DNF's by both Jeffy and Jimmy for Country Clint or Smoke to become contenders. This weeks race at Atlanta will certainly clinch it for both of those Californians, but a glimmer of hope remains that there could be an upset in the points. This would make the season's finale far more interesting, unless you're a Gordon or Johnson lover. It almost reminds me of MLB's playoffs with the best two teams going to The Series...{GO SOX!!!}... Maybe this brainchild of Brian France's is not so genius afterall. Robert at Nascar from the Bleachers made some very good points in a recent post concerning not only The Chase, but Brian's role as Chief... which, if the rumors are true, may be shortlived.

Pre-Chase NASCAR was not much different. There were usually 2 and sometimes 3 drivers in contention for The Cup. "The Chase" was supposed to make the very long racing season far more exciting. It's supposed to keep us interested and be tuning our TV's in on the final races instead of MLB or the beginning of the NFL season. The race for The Chase was far better this year than the race for The Cup is. Perhaps Uncle Jim taking control... {everyone pray}... will bring some changes.

I'm probably biased in my opinion's because clearly Hendrick dominance has been the norm all season, so why would it not be now?

Jerry at Ranting and Raving posted an awesome article. Please read!!

Back at the Cottage... Yesterday brought some sad news to our house. We brought home a Minature Pinscher at 10 weeks old in early spring of this year. Within a couple of days we noticed a limp in his front right leg and promptly had it x-rayed. He was either born with or sustained a separated shoulder shortly after birth and at 10 weeks it was too late to correct. We paid $1,300 for him and could've gotten a full refund, but instead we took another pup, which we gave to Pattyjo's mom, and we kept Coco. He went in for a neutering yesterday and while under anesthesia the Vet x-rayed his shoulder again, which has progressively gotten worse. The sad news is, there is nothing they can do for the little guy. It's not operable and cannot be amputated. We can only give him life until the pain and discomfort becomes too much to bear. This is tearing Pattyjo to pieces... Coco is her baby and his personality is not A-typical of the Min-Pin. He is a sweetheart. I've told Pattyjo that at least we gave him an opportunity at life, because he surely would've been put down at 10 weeks had we not opted to keep him. We are unsure how long he can go on.... months... years... we really don't know. At this time he does not appear to be in pain and his mobility is okay... but it's only matter of time when this thing will become too much for him. I will replace him with another Min-Pin when the time comes, and we will always have Coco in our hearts as the little guy whose life was in our hands.


TSRFan-John said...

As bad as the chase is, and I hate it as much as anyone, think about what things would be like if we didn't have it. Jeff Gordon would probably already have this years championship sewn up. While I don't recall the numbers but he had a several hundred point lead before the chase started.

This would be his 6th championship since the same thing happened to him before.

At least with the chase there's at least some mystery as to which Hendrick driver will be the champ.

RoBo said...

I think this weekend will bring some real excitement to The Chase! Kurt Busch did well in Atlanta in the Spring. I am routing for the #2 Dodge this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props there young man....I hold out hope that all the craziness that has been part of the Chase this year will pop up again...I am not a fan of anybody specific ..I just like the excitement of not knowing what is going to I will keep my fingers crossed...for Atlanta

Cheyenne said...

As far as the Chase goes, just another reason for my wanting Feb. '08 to get here as fast as it can.

And about little Coco...just keep putting a lot of lovin' on that little doggie for as long as you can.

RevJim said...

I don't think it matters if there is a Chase or not. I have accepted it, because I like racing, and I think it has upped the level of competition.
But Chase, or not, the HMS teams are at the top of their game, so it is hard to imagine either the 48 or the 24 team would make the kind of mistake that would allow for someone else to get the championship at this point. I'm with cheyenne--I can't wait for '08.

4ever3 said...

Hey thanks for the shout out, it is a good cause. One thing though, it is Bob, not Jerry - he's the guy in California, I'm in Canada.