Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good Things

I can be an ignorant s.o.b with my mind focusing, yet missing out on the things happening in the racing world that are vital. NASCAR is now so very different from the days of yore, and some is negative in the hearts of the long time fan. Vroom made a very good point of this in a recent post. Like everything else, NASCAR has and continues to evolve, but deep behind the scenes there are many people doing things for the sport that 20 years ago would've been thought of as taboo. I clicked on a link in one of the many NASCAR related web sites I visit, and in fact I cannot tell you which site it was, but it took me to the Drive for Diversity site. This was all brand new to me, but what an eye opener. It's a racing program started in 2004 with opportunities for minority and female participants with established race teams in the NASCAR Grand NationalDivision and the NASCAR Whelen All-AmericanSeries.

This is awesome and many kudos to all those involved. Richard Childress Racing is a big supporter as well as a Team Partner and Tony Stewart is involved, as he has a huge interest in promoting the potential of young drivers.

Have a nice day!!


vroom said...

Thanks for the plug, my readership will probably double today!

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

This prgam has been going on for a few years..I believe they were having tryouts at South Boston this week....