Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All In A Day's Work

I enjoy sharing what I do in the world other than living and breathing NASCAR.
Below is a pic I posted in an earlier blog and I said I would follow up with progress photos.

The mason and excavator sub's I use finally got it ready for framing. It's a family room with a bump-out for a stairwell into the garage. That is a 12' wide opening you see into the existing basement wall. We had to hire a specialist to cut through the 8" thick concrete. It took him all of 3 hours and he charged $850.00. The new basement area will eventually be a home theater room.

That's yours truly this past Monday standing atop of a wall like I have Spiderman powers!
A regular client of mine owns several old apt. buildings. Below is one she owns that was built in the 1850's and was originally a mule barn for mules that pulled the log barges down a nearby canal that dumps into the Hudson River. It is now and has been for well over 50 years a 4 unit apt. house. The deck portion of the porch was nearly 75 years old and was very hazardous. It serves as a main entrance so I had a big challenge on my hands to remove it and rebuild it in one day. Success!! The 1st pic was taken at 8:30 am yesterday, the last at 5:30 pm. Nothing fancy, but certainly safe and sound.

This is the boss, "Chase". She just turned 5 mos. and as you can see loves scrap lumber.

One note on NASCAR... I'm happy to know that "The Rock" has been purchased by someone with plans to revive it. Richard Childress was also a high bidder but former racer and driving school owner Andy Hillenburg now owns it at a bargain price of $4.4 million.


vroom said...

Good looking pooch!

Anonymous said...

nice work there young man...three cheers for Hillenberg reviving the Rock...