Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ping Pong Anyone

Skinner... Hornaday. Hornaday... Skinner.
These NCTS drivers are switching the points lead on a weekly basis. But Mike Skinner actually spread the lead yesterday by 11 points. If the pattern continues with 3 races remaining, the Champion will be Ron Hornaday.
The Truck race at Martinsville had it's share of cautions as usual, but the best two came near the end. With only 7 laps to go the track was red flagged due to a multi-truck wreck that left fluid and assorted truck parts everywhere. With the restart underway and Skinner in the lead with 3 laps remaining, things were crazy with more bumping and banging than that of a wreck-um derby. With less than a lap to go and Skinner out front Hornaday pulled a stunt I've never seen to get around another truck and what he left behind turned into a pile up that allowed Skinner the win, followed by Jack Sprague and Hornaday took 3rd. The rest of the field literally limped, crawled and trickled across the finish line, under power at a reasonable speed with spoilers dragging and flat tires.
Good ole Truck racin'!!

The Petty Enterprises #45 car is falling quickly and Richard Petty himself is getting behind the wheel to keep the car in the top 35.... well not quite, but Kyle Petty has talked about putting Bobby Labonte in the seat. Bobby has done very well lately in the #43 Cheerio's car and with that momentum
it'd be crazy to pull him. Kyle wants both cars in the top 35 and instead of earning it himself he wants to do it by proxy. Bobby has provisional's as well and far more talent than Kyle, but I'm against this sort of thing and although other teams do it {MWR} I don't condone it.
Martin Truex Jr.'s car has fallen out of the top 35... DEI decides to put Dale Jr. in the #1 and Truex Jr. in the #8 for the rest of the season.
YA Right!! That would fly with the fans like a lead balloon.


MIKE said...

I could just imaging the fan outrage if JR and Truex swapped. I am laughing pretty hard right now.

The king back in the car would be cool.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

until they change the rules people will use them to their advantage...

RevJim said...

They definitely need to do something about the top thirty five provisionals. I know that there was a good reason to put it in place, when they did, but now you have 48 regular teams trying to get in every race, and the top thirty five thing no longer makes sense.
Nice video. I love the CTS--the championship points are close every year, and they need no chase to keep it close.