Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tony Stewart has got a challenger. A NASCAR talk radio show host, Rob Pascoe of WDFN AM 1130's "On the Track" from the Detroit area has challenged Stewart to a race to the top of the fence at MIS in June '08. This came months after Stewart said to a media person... "I'd like to see you get your fat butt up there"... this guy, Rob, will probably blow Smoke away!! He is apparently not a Stewart fan and has also challenged Smoke to a boxing match. Smoke better be cautious...

I've not commented much on the Atlanta race because of the disappointing end. Seeing Martin Truex Jr. lose what was his race to Johnson over possible water in the fuel tanks sits better. At least now I can point the finger at NASCAR and/or Sunoco instead of the Hamlin crew. Marty Jr. had a great day!! Well... almost.

Back at the Cottage... I apologize to my fellow bloggers for my lack of attendance. I have been sick with some sort of flu bug. It's still hanging on and seems to enjoy me as a host. Little bastard!!


Vroom! said...

Exorise that flu bug '57!

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Exorcise it with JD...:)